Key Info

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This audit will evaluate whether current UK management of patients following spontaneous sub-arachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) adheres to European Stroke Organisation guidelines for electrolyte monitoring after SAH and the European Society of Endocrinology guidelines for investigation of hyponatremia.

Study type

Large scale national audit

Study period

1st September 2019 – 29th February 2020


  • Any medical student or doctor working in the UK or Republic of Ireland
  • Able to partake in data collection at a participating neurosurgical unit



Despite being the most commonly detected electrolyte abnormality occurring in SAH patients, no national guidelines have been developed to directly address the management of hyponatremia following SAH.

Furthermore, the specific impact of hyponatremia on SAH outcomes has not yet been defined, due to inconsistency and bias across studies. This audit seeks to establish a national baseline through a UK-wide, hospital-based audit of screening, investigation, and management of hyponatremia following SAH.

This is an excellent opportunity for involvement in neurosurgery, endocrinology, and in audit.

All consultants, trainees, or medical students contributing to data collection will receive credit with collaborator status on all publications.