Taster Programme

What is the NSAMR Taster Programme?

National Medical Research Month (Taster Programme) is a single or multiple day event held during January – March 2019, where students visit a research group in order to observe what it is like to work in academia. The event is targeted at Year 1 and Year 2 medical students with little to no previous experience in research, and aims to break down the barrier of access to researchers and improve awareness of opportunities. Relationships developed during these taster sessions may even have the potential to lead to funded vacation studentship or summer studentship opportunities.

What is research? Who are academic clinicians? Our Taster Programme gives you the perfect opportunity to shadow a research group in order to get a taste of what research entails. Through our nationwide scheme, medical students will get a chance to participate in research meetings, learn about research techniques and data analysis. Live a day as a scientist and see what all that buzz is about research!

We are currently recruiting research groups from across the UK to be a part of this exciting scheme, and to provide you with a wide selection of research opportunities. Views the links below for our Taster Programme Booklet and application form.

  • Applications are now open!
  • Deadline for applications: Friday 21st December 17:00

Research group recruitment has now closed! Thank you all for participating and making contributions to this exciting national scheme.

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Taster Programme Application
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