NSAMR Outreach deals with widening access to medicine and supporting pre-medicine students in their pursuit of a post in medicine. By being involved with outreach activities, NSAMR are able to promote not just a career in medicine, but also medical research at a much earlier stage.

The main strength of NSAMR Outreach is that it is a wholly free service, targeting the students that need it the most. In order to achieve this, we aim to work closely with our affiliated societies and schools to create a strong network. Any additional questions can be directed to the Outreach team via our contact page. You can also follow the outreach team on Facebook or Twitter.

NSAMR Buddy Scheme

What is it?
The NSAMR Outreach buddy scheme is one of our longest-running and most successful schemes. The scheme involves connecting high school students wishing to apply to medical school with medical students.

As a Prospective Medical Student
The Buddy Scheme will give you an opportunity to ask questions and get specific help from your buddy. You might want to ask about your personal statement, interviews or how life at a particular medical school is like! We hope you make full use of this opportunity!

As a Medical Student
The Buddy scheme gives medical students an opportunity to mentor a high school student through their UCAS applications. This can be a highly rewarding experience and be used as evidence of teaching for your CVs. As we have all been through the applications and know what it is like, we are the people best placed to give advice on these matters. We hope you sign up as a buddy.

How to sign up
1. Fill out and submit the relevant form below
2. The NSAMR Outreach team will email you back, within 14 days, with more information

Prospective Medical Student

    Current Medical Student