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  1. Maximum outreach: We are a leading student-led research organisation, the only one of its kind in the UK that operates on a national level. We outreach and provide resources for an estimated 41,000 medical students around the UK, and the year 2018/19 will prove to be even more exciting as we proceed with plans to host a virtual international conference to further extend our influence at an international level. This would provide a platform for you to announce or further emphasise your brand nationally and internationally.
  1. Specific target audience group: Our organisation’s activities are aimed towards individuals in the medical field, primarily medical students. Sponsoring us allows you to focus your advertisements towards individuals who would consider purchasing your products and services, saving the unnecessary costs in advertising to those who might not be best suited to your products and services.
  1. Expanding market: Ongoing advances in medicine have led to the populations of developed countries living longer, more comfortable lives, and there has been a shift in the incidence of diseases from those of an acute nature to those of a chronic nature. This calls for the training of more medical students to be future doctors in order to care for these patients, something which we enable through our outreach services. Together with the ever-increasing emphasis on research for specialty training applications, NSAMR will continue to expand and your market will continue to grow year by year.
  1. Stable investment: The international and national economies are highly unpredictable and uncertain. However, in both periods of economic growth and recession, there remains a need for healthcare professionals. Medical students and doctors will continue to require advice on careers and research regardless of the economic climate. Sponsoring NSAMR could potentially allow you to prevent the economic cycle from significantly afflicting your brand’s performance in the market.
  1. Varying sponsorship degrees: We offer a highly flexible range of sponsorship opportunities so that you are able to tailor your brand’s exposure according to your preference. Is what you want not on the list? Or you would like to further tailor your current advertising? Or are you not happy with our available prices? We welcome your ideas and are willing to negotiate the best possible deal for your organisation.
  1. Summer projects: If you decide to sponsor our summer project students, any resulting presentation and/or publication would credit your company. Your contribution could be recognised internationally and permanently so long as the publication is in a peer-reviewed journal. In addition, if your company’s products are highly specific e.g. surgical equipment, we could allocate your funding to a project relevant to your field e.g. a surgical project. This would allow you to target your products to specific markets, saving time and costs. Overall, our summer projects provide an excellent and unique way to establish yourself in the medical community.
  1. Complementary items: We always welcome and appreciate complementary donations such as snacks and office supplies (e.g. USB sticks, pens, highlighters, notebooks, post-its, etc.) for delegate goody bags in our events, as well as donations for the prizes awarded at our events. Of course, we are receptive to any other ideas that you may have to offer!
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If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at finance@nsamr.ac.uk. We welcome your ideas and are more than willing to negotiate the best possible deal for your company. Please note that final decisions involving sponsorship remain at the discretion of NSAMR. Thank you very much for your time and attention, and we sincerely hope that you are able to join the NSAMR family.