Mentor’s roles

The Mentorship program is a flexible program where Mentors are given the freedom to tailor their mentoring activities around their daily schedule and around each individual medical student as mentees. Mentoring activities can be done through many different mediums ranging from face to face meetings to e-mail exchanges. Mentors should aim to:

  • Interact with mentees, using mutually agreed mode of exchange
  • Engage with mentees to agree on how mentoring could support their career plans
  • Encourage their mentees to express and discuss their ideas, concerns and understanding of academic medicine pathways and the options available to the mentees
  • Provide guidance to mentees in realising their goals
  • Be flexible and tailor mentoring activities
  • Provide feedback to NSAMR so that we can further improve the program for both the mentors and mentees

Benefits to Mentors

In return for your contributions towards the Mentorship program and towards your medical student mentees, you should be able to:

  • Obtain a greater understanding of the barriers experienced by juniors in realising their interest in academic medicine
  • Be able to demonstrate their expertise, share their knowledge and experiences
  • Expand your professional network
  • Enhance your skills in counselling, listening and modelling for upcoming potential academic doctors
  • Have a positive contribution to the career path of medical students


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