Sepsis Study 2017

The NSAMR audit team is no longer recruiting medical students to participate in this audit.


The primary objective of this study is to determine the prevalence of sepsis in Emergency Departments and general wards according to both SEPSIS-1 and SEPSIS-3 definitions. Our secondary objectives are to determine the ability of the two definitions using the SIRS, SOFA, qSOFA criteria and the NEWS track and trigger tool to predict adverse outcomes in this patient population, including mortality, ICU admission and presence of acute organ dysfunction.


In the UK sepsis is estimated to be responsible for the deaths of 44,000 people every year and to cost the NHS £2.5 billion. Data on sepsis prevalence on general wards is lacking in the UK and in the developed world. So far, a series of three multicentre, prospective, observational studies of the point-prevalence of patients with sepsis or severe sepsis on general wards and Emergency Departments (ED) in Wales were conducted by students of Cardiff University School of Medicine in years 2014-2016. These studies involved hundreds of undergraduate medical students who acted as local hospital leads and data collectors and resulted in several publications:

This year we are looking to expand our study across England and Scotland.

How to get involved?

We are looking to appoint an enthusiastic student lead for each university with leadership and management skills. Involvement will require setting up a team at your university, collaboration with the clinical team at your university hospital and supervision of a group of student data collectors over the 24hr study period. GCP training (which can be achieved online) is also required.

Please note that this audit is no longer recruiting