Local Ambassadors

NSAMR Local Ambassadors of 2018-2019

Ameeta Kumar
University of Southampton

Ameeta is a fourth year medical student at the University of Southampton. She has recently completed her Masters in Research in Translational Cancer Medicine and wants to continue to actively take part in research in the future. As part of her role, she hopes to improve access to opportunities and boost participation of medical students in research.

Catrin Sohrabi
Barts and The London

Catrin is currently a medical student at Barts and The London. With an extensive repertoire of skills in scientific research, she is particularly passionate about combining her interests in surgery and scientific research with a future academically-focused career. Catrin continues to be involved with both clinical and lab-based research, publishing scientific content, and in presenting at conferences, and endeavours to educate and inspire interest in research and academic medicine during her time at NSAMR.

Makinah Haq
King's College London

Makinah is a second year medical student at the GKT School of Medical Education. She has interests in the accessibility of clinical research for medical students and raising awareness towards dementia based care which was inspired by her previous volunteering with dementia and delirium patients during her time at sixth form. She hopes to encourage medical students to participate more in research by highlighting research initiatives and opportunities.

Fareedah Shareef
University of Glasgow

Fareedah is currently in her second year of medicine at the University of Glasgow. She has found to be interested cardiovascular diseases and is very excited to be involved in research in the field this year. Outside of academic interests, she is also very passionate about outreach in medicine and enjoys being involved in programmes that support this cause. Thrilled to be this year’s ambassador for the University of Glasgow, she is very much looking forward in getting more people interested and involved in medical research.

Keegan Curlewis
Hull York Medical School

Keegan is currently intercalating at Hull York Medical School, studying for an MSc in
Clinical Anatomy and Education. He has recently completed his third year of
medicine at Brighton and Sussex Medical School. His research interests include
Trauma and Orthopaedics, Medical Education and Digital Health. Keegan is
passionate about widening access, particularly in research, and is keen to continue
his work in this field alongside NSAMR.

Temidayo Osunronbi
University of Plymouth

Temidayo is a fifth-year medical student at the University of Plymouth. He has a strong interest in neurosurgery and research and is currently undertaking an MSc in Neuroscience at the University of Oxford. One of his main goals is to encourage medical students’ participation in research.

Kajal Patel
University of Manchester

Kajal is a third year medical student at University of Manchester. Having worked on several literature and as part of a research group, she has found academic medicine very stimulating, fulfilling, invaluable and wishes to intercalate in the future. By getting involved with NSAMR, she want to learn from other people’s ideas and play a role in bridging the gap between medical students and research.

Nigel Derry Taslim
University of Sheffield

Nigel is a third year medical student at the University of Sheffield, where he was involved in several medical society committees. Research in cardiology, oncology and neurology are three areas he is most passionate about. He is keen to not only get involved in medical research, but also to provide guidance to all medical students wanting to do research.

Sachin Ananth
Imperial College London

Sachin is a fifth year medical student at Imperial College London, with a keen interest in respiratory medicine. He has completed an intercalated BSc degree in Respiratory Science, in addition to research at the National Heart & Lung Institute, focusing on airway inflammation and remodelling in recurrent preschool wheeze. He also has experience undertaking clinical case studies and audits, which have been presented nationally. Sachin looks forward to increasing student participation in academic medicine at his university.

Priya Rai
Newcastle University

Priya is a final year medical student at Newcastle University, currently undertaking an M.Sc in neuroscience at King’s College London. She is an aspiring neurosurgeon and has a keen interest in academic research and medical education. She has worked on numerous clinical and lab-based research projects that have given her the opportunity to present her work at national, international conferences and scientific journals. She hopes to explore her commitment to academic medicine through her work at NSAMR.

University College London

Robert is a third year medical student at UCL. He is currently intercalating a BSc in Neuroscience. He is passionate about teaching and widening access to the field of medicine. He hopes to establish closer links between medical students and research opportunities whilst also promoting the many schemes that NSAMR has to offer.

University of Birmingham

Diya is a final year medical student at the University of Birmingham. During this time, he has gained an array of research internships. His background is particularly prominent in the areas of novel technology and innovation. His most recent work has received a prestigious grant to implement for student improvement at the university and has been presented at international venues.

Alongside his work with technology and innovation, Diya has an extensive portfolio of projects in a clinical, laboratory, and health innovation contexts resulting in a variety of scholarships, presentations, prizes, and distinctions.

St George’s, University of London

Rudrik is a final year medical student at St George’s, University of London. He is passionate about using advancement in technology to enhance surgical practice and is currently involved in research about robotic surgery and part of numerous research groups. Rudrik aims to raise awareness and improve access to opportunities for medical students in research. He takes great interest towards widening access to medicine by helping prospective medical students.