Executive Committee

Sofian Youssef

Sofian is currently an academic foundation doctor at Nottingham University Hospitals. His interests lie in education, research, and technology. He has led several national teaching courses and holds a PgCert in Medical Education – he has also published over 15 articles in peer-reviewed journals. Outside of medicine, Sofian enjoys mixed martial arts, working out, and is a full stack software engineer.

Alex Barrow
Education Lead

Alex is a final year medical student at Cardiff University with particular interests in medical education and plastic surgery. He aims to encourage student engagement with the NSAMR through opportunities such as guest lectures. Outside of medicine, he pursues rock climbing and powerlifting.

Katie Rallis
Research Lead

Katie graduated from Bart’s and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry in June 2022, with an M.B.B.S. and an intercalated M.Sc. in Oncology. She has taken up further training as a post-doctoral research fellow in immuno-oncology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, USA. She plans to apply for Hematology-Oncology physician-scientist residency in the USA. Katie is passionate about increasing access to medical research, especially for students from underrepresented backgrounds and 1st generation medical graduates. She hopes to inspire students to engage with research activities from early on and help break the barriers to science.

Daniel Warrington
Outreach Lead

Dan completed his medical degree at the University of Manchester as well as an MSc in Healthcare Ethics and Law. He was the chair of Manchester Medical Research Student Society and helped to shape the society’s future. He enjoys research and is well-published. Dan is as an academic foundation trainee in Manchester. In his free time he enjoys keeping fit, travelling, and skiing.

James Convill
IT Lead

James is currently an Academic Foundation Doctor in Newcastle. His interests like in research and innovation and he is an associate fellow of the HEA. James has written a book chapter and published a number of peer-reviewed articles in the past. Outside of medicine James enjoys running and hiking.

Annabel Ward

Annabel is in her final year at Cardiff University. She has loved the opportunities in medical school to undertake and assist with research and has experienced working in different areas, including CAR-T treatment, Public Health Wales, and the Welsh Dermatology Institute. She hopes to do even more with NSAMR, in particular widening access for students to get involved with research!

Conor Hennessy
Events Lead

Conor is a final year medical student at the university of Oxford. Prior to medical school he worked as a postdoctoral researcher in Ireland following completion of his PhD at NUI Galway. Conor is passionate about research and increasing medical student exposure to research opportunities early in their careers. He has helped organise several national conferences, most notably the Oxford Surgical Innovation conference. He is starting an academic foundation position in Oxford in August and hopes to continue his research in immunology, plastic surgery, and orthopaedics.

Rabii Aboulhosn
Finance Lead

Rabii is a fourth year medical student at the University of Aberdeen with a Masters in Medical Sciences. He is passionate about clinical academia and looks forward to working and learning from likeminded individuals!

Lynsey Harrower
Audit lead

Lynsey is a fifth year medical student at the University of Nottingham on the Graduate Entry to Medicine programme. She has a background in chemical analysis and quality control, and aims to encourage more students to get involved quality improvement projects and clinical audits during their time at medical school.

Hester Lacey
Ambassador Lead

Hester is a final year medical student at BSMS. Hester has a keen interest in research and is due to begin a Specialised Foundation Program based in research in August 2022, and looks forward to contribute to NSAMR’s projects as IT lead.

Agata Oliwa
Social Media lead

Agata has just finished her medical degree at University of Glasgow and is due to start the Specialised Foundation Programme soon. She has had a strong interest in research throughout medical school, having completed multiple research- themed student selected components, a research elective and an intercalated degree. Her main research interests lie in rare diseases and clinical genetics. Agata has also been on the Glasgow University Medical Research Society committe for the last 4 years leading and contributing to efforts to encourage and guide more students to get involved in research. She is excited to join NSAMR and work on similar initiatives on a large scale.

Victoria Collins
Education sub-committee

Victoria is in her final year at the University of Edinburgh. She is looking to specialise in trauma and orthopaedics. Beyond medicine, she’s always out on a hike with her dog.

Jocelyn Sheun Hang MAK
Outreach sub-committee

Jocelyn, 4th year medical student is the outreach committee. She will be assisting the outreach committee in all aspects. She has various experiences in assisting medical students in their academic studies but also high school students for their medical school application. In her spare time, she enjoys baking, going to the gym, ice-skating and writing poems. She is looking forward to helping students all around UK in the coming year.

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Chair | Evelyne Kiu
Secretary | Millie Mitchell-Gears
Finance | Bethan Clayton
Research | Steven Tominey 
Events | Basil Yannoulias
Outreach | Guarav Bhalla
Journal | Anan Harvey
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Chair | Serena Banh
Secretary | Evelyne Kiu
Finance | Claudia Shi Ya Lee
Research | Ali Ansaripour
Events | Maria Charalambides
Outreach | Jacqueline Moneke
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Education | Melika Akhbari 

Chair | Serena Banh
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Journal | Stephanie Rees
IT | Hamilton Morrin
Mentoring | Azmi Rahman

Chair | Robert Lundin
Societies | Ziyan Sheng
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Mentoring | Lewis Isaacs

Chair | Sophie Herbert
Secretary | Stuart O’Connor
Mentorship | Charles Badu-Boateng
Outreach | Sophie Herbert
Research | Robert Michael Lundin
Journal | Dinakshi Shah
IT & Website | Zi Yi Tew

Chair | Rory Piper
Secretary | Meghavi Mashar
Mentorship | Charles Badu-Boateng
Outreach | Sophie Herbert
IT & Website | Zi Yi Tew

Chair | Michael Mather
Secretary | Clark Russel