About Us

National Student Association of Medical Research (NSAMR) is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-partisan student-led organisation representing an association of student medical research societies nationally. NSAMR currently serves 25 medical research societies at universities across the UK including University College London, University of Aberdeen and Queen’s University Belfast. Our overarching aim is to promote and allow engagement in research for medical students by utilising a variety of methods.

One such method being the provision of research and audit opportunities for medical students across the UK. The taster month programme which is run by our Research team allows medical students who have never had experience in laboratory-based research to spend days visiting facilities which are carrying out research in an area of potential personal interest.

In addition, NSAMR provides support for medical students considering a potential future career in academic medicine, particularly via the route of the Academic Foundation Programme. This is done through the Mentorship scheme which allows medical students to engage with trainee doctors currently undertaking research.

What’s more, NSAMR Outreach works to engage with and support aspiring medics based at schools across across the country through the NSAMR Buddy Scheme.

Last but not least, NSAMR has also proudly launched JSAMR, a research journal specifically for medical students to publish and disseminate their work.

The buddy scheme pairs up college or school students with an interest in medicine, with local medical students, and specifically prioritises students from schools which produce less medics.

NSAMR is registered with the Charity Commission with charity number 1169158.


Promote research and academic medicine among UK medical students
Provide opportunities for students to perform and disseminate research and audits
Encourage and support aspiring medics through outreach